Vinyl Wall clock


Vinyl Wall clock is the only thing in the office or at home, which is sure attract attention and audience’s looks. Highly designers can create clocks, which look a bit more than you need to determine the time. TO Design Studio’s Handmade Vinyl Record Wall Clock knows the secret of how to amaze. Each our model of clock is a work of art, skillfully made by hand.

We produces wall clocks that you can pick in the cozy room or hang over the fireplace in a big house. There are a huge range of handmade models that fit in the office, gym, kid’s room, restaurant.

Our company has more than 400 designs and each model is perfect with amazing taste. Rather, any clock’s brand have such large range of products.

Vinyl record wall clocks combine modern design and elegant austerity. How often do we say that we have not time. We live in an era of continuous hurry, we go somewhere in a hurry, we set new target and we’re consistently moving towards them.  When someone come  to wisit you, your vinyl record wall clock will surprise him. TO Designe Studio proves that its appreciated not only the quality but also the kind of look. The cold pragmatism is changing for not only tastes good, but also fantasy.

Vinyl Wall clock