Vinyl record clock

598The Nightmare Before Christmas (2)

Vinyl record clock is cool!

It’s vintage and always full

Of surprise and retro style

When you see it, your face smile.


Do you know a Superman?

It’s a famous hero and

Vinyl clock with him are dandy,

Living room with it looks trendy.


If you want to dress your hall

Maroon 5 you’ll take on wall.

If your friend likes sport, it’s fine.

You can find a cool design.


Vinyl clock with football clubs:

Dallas Cowboys and it’s staffs.

Those clocks really suit for gym,

With your boyfriend’s likely team.


Michel Jackson, Kenye West

Justin Bieber on the rest.

All those singers you can find

In “TO Studio Design”.


Only thing, you’ll do for it,

Click the link and you will meet

Trimming world with handmade clocks.

Contact us and we shall talk.


Vinyl record clock