Symbol of ultimate beauty…MARILYN MONROE

Marilyn Monroe – was an American actress and model. She became one of the most popular sex symbols of the 1950s. Marilyn Monroe is more than a fashion and sex icon for people all over the world – she is a global obsession. In 1953, Monroe became Playboy’s first Sweetheart of the Month. The award was later changed to Playmate of the Month.

Monroe’s birth certificate reads Norma Jeane Mortenson. However, when she was baptized, her name was Norma Jeane Baker. She later modeled under the names Jean Norman and Mona Monroe. Her first idea for a screen name was Jean Adair. She was also recorded signing into hotels under the names Zelda Zonk and she also signed into a psychiatric clinic under the name Faye Miller. She didn’t change her name to Marilyn Monroe until 1956.

Although she was typecast as a dumb blonde (a persona she hated), she was actually extremely intelligent. She had an apparent IQ of 168.