Why do people like mermaids? According to real facts they are not charming girls, they are ugly creatures but our media have made a successful entertaining  company. The most popular mermaid today is ARIEL from Disney cartoon. But movies show this legend from other side. China version is worth watching.

The plot: Jerkish tycoon Liu Xuan has made a huge amount of money off of sonar technology that incidentally murders allMermaid TO Design Studio nearby sea-life. This includes an understandably pissed-off community of mer-people, led by spiteful Octopus and pretty mermaid Shan. Since Liu Xuan has a weakness for the ladies, Shan is tasked with avenging her fellow cryptids by seducing and killing him.

You may guessing, If this movie is so bizarre, so wonderful, so funny, why haven’t I heard of it? The answer to that question is very annoying. Chow’s “Shaolin Soccer” and “Kung Fu Hustle” were international hits, and he’s a mega-star in his native Hong Kong. “The Mermaid” shattered domestic box office records in China and became number 2 movie in the world, after “Deadpool” Its American release is an afterthought for one reason: mismanagement by its American distributor, Sony Corporation of America. (In theory the film is distributed by Asia Releasing, a subsidiary that handles the release of Asian films in the US and Canada, but the print I saw had a plain old Sony logo in front of it.)