Luxury vehicle? – AUDI. Luxury clock? – AUDI vinyl record wall clock.

Would you like to get a luxury vehicle? Buy AUDI. The popularity of Audi is huge. Most people have at least heard of the famous German vehicle manufacturer. The headquarters of the company are located in Germany. But eight more factories are also operating in other locations such as Brussels, Bratislava or Jakarta. The four overlapping rings in Audi’s logo came into existence in 1932. They represent the four original companies of the Auto Union: Audi, DKW, Horch, and Wanderer. Words such as “audio,” “audience” and “auditorium” are related to hearing. The German word for “hear” is horchThe more amazing thing is that the founder of Audi is August Horch. So before spending a lot of money on this car, you can buy an AUDI vinyl clock.