Kitchen wall Clock


Vinyl record wall clock for kitchen is the subject not only of everyday practicality (note the time preparing meals, to collect your children to school, don’t be late for work), but also the design that will complement, set off and decorate the overall style of cuisine or…spoil it. This article provides guidelines for choosing the kitchen vinyl record wall clock, following which you will be able to choose the perfect watch for your kitchen.

Vinyl record wall clock

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Kitchen vinyl record wall clock should be placed in an accessible foreseeable perimeter that lacked one eye movement. It should be comfortable viewing from the work area and dining out. Sometimes kitchen vinyl record wall clock is directly in the working area. This is useful visually, but not as efficiently, because the kitchen vinyl record wall clock may be subject to mechanical stress (accidentally hook Vinyl record wall clock by hand, grease drops fall on the dial, etc.). For the same reasons, it is not necessary to hang up the kitchen vinyl record wall clock directly over the stove or over the hood.

You can choose a massive Vintage Vinyl record wall clock for a classic interior. A such clock is suitable for a large kitchen-studio.

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Kitchen vinyl record wall clock

High-tech and avant-garde offer sometimes very surreal shapes Vinyl record wall clock. Sometimes it’s plain squares or circles.

If your kitchen studio is replete with brick veneer in a loft style, the best choice is Hypno Vinyl record wall clock.

Kitchen wall Clock