The most famous Pirate of the Caribbean, producer and musician is a really bad boy!  Depp was arrested several times because of not acceptable behavior. Does he cope with a role  of detective?

According to The Hollywood Reporter publication, the next Depp will be the picture “Labyrinth”, in the center of the plot which will be a complicated story of murders of famous rappers Tupac Shakur and Notorius big. Johnny Depp will play the role of a police detective who’s working the murder case of Tupac Shakur. The investigation leads the Pool to the record company, Death Row Records, headed by local thug Sludges knight. According to the version described by the detective in his book, the assassination of Shakur was knight, who decided to get rid of the ward not to share royalties from sales of albums. To cover his tracks, and later Suge knight, with the help of corrupt police officers dealt with Notorius Big, which clashed with Shakur.