Handmade Vinyl Wall Clock

Look around, what can you see? Nature is filled with a variety of colors, all blooms and smells. People are starting to get out of their closets light clothing saturated with bright colors and, of course, there is the choice of the actual accessory and elements of decor for our home. The decoration must emphasizes our great mood , gaves a sense of celebration. So, it must be fashionable and useful Vinyl Record Wall Clock  .

We want to open you a little secret, wall clock is this supplement of your image. We’ll try to tell you what model with the huge selection of collections will be relevant in the summer of 2015, and the main, what thing will be right for you. You should pay attention to quality and design. Vinyl record wall clock is this summer fashion.


 Handmade Vinyl Wall Clock

Batman Vinyl Wall Clock

Batman Vinyl Record Wall Clock is a trend of this spring and summer. There are more than 35 different designs with this Superhero. After the broadcast of the film, Batman vs Superman vinyl record wall clock have reached the peak of popularity. It’s a great choice for a person who enjoys all new.







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Handmade Vinyl Wall Clock

Ferrari Vinyl Wall Clock


Ferrari Vinyl Record Wall Clock is very popular too.

Vinyl Record Wall Clock with car’s models will be the best addition to the interior of the real racer’s apartment. We have a few clocks of this series: Lamborghini Vinyl Record Wall Clock, Chevrolet Vinyl Record Wall Clock, Ford Mustang Vinyl Record Wall Clock, Dodge Challenger Vinyl Record Wall Clock.





Mother’s Day Vinyl Wall Clock


Mother’s Day Vinyl Record Wall Clock is a great choice for the most important spring holiday. This Vinyl Record Wall Clock in the wall will be the best reminder of sincere love for your mother. It evoke pride when someone comes to visit your parent’s home.





Harry Potter Vinyl Wall Clock


Harry Potter Vinyl Record Wall Clock is always in trend. This interesting clock will be part of the mystical Hogwards in your home.







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Nightmare before Christmas Vinyl Wall Clock


Nightmare before Christmas Vinyl Record Wall Clock is incredible embodiment of crazy movie. Your living room become a place where the worst fantasies come true. It’s the best alternant for people that like it.







Visit TO Design Studio and choose clock that is right for you. Remember, your mood is in your hand.

Handmade Vinyl Wall Clock