Handmade vinyl record wall clock

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Do you know what amazing things can do some people by hand?

Handmade Vinyl Record Clock is a masterpiece. It is very delicate work.  Can you imagine a such difficult process? It need many accuracy, patience, perseverance, diligence and accuracy. Only really hardworking person, with a big fantasy can be a designer.

Vinyl clock is the most original. The vintage vinyl record clock will suit to any design and interior. Batman and Lego handmade vinyl record wall clocks cool suit  for children’s room, especially for boy’s room.


Zelda, Hello Kitty and Princess Jasmine handmade vinyl record wall clocks are the best match for a girl’s room.


The Nightmare Before Christmas, Harley Davidson and South Park handmade vinyl record wall clocks are the best clocks for living room.

So, vinyl record wall clock is the best gift for any person and any event. And it is not very expensive.

Do you know, that the most expensive watches in our plant was generated in 2008.


The Chopard company produced a masterpiece, the price of it was $ 25 million. It was decoraited by 600 yellow diamonds. Three main diamonds had a heart’s sheep. There were blue, white and red.

Handmade vinyl record clocks are more accessible with its price. Those clocks amagined us its original styles, individual approach and variety of topics.

Vinyl Records have a long history and nowdays, TO Design Studio give them a new life in some another area.

Handmade vinyl record wall clock