We are looking for something shocking and scandalous, break old canons and try to impress. No matter how: clothing, makeup, birthday gift, house decor or even wall clock.

Can you imagine the well-known story “Beauty and the Beast” in style “slash art”? The origin of  the slash take place in fanfiction or fanfic (a literature created by fans for fans, in other words an amateur literature). The original slash fiction contains male/male subtext, based on homoerotic relationship. Have you ever heard about other variety of homoerotic amateur fiction – yaoi? It is a  manga/anime genre, but the sense is the same.

“What would happen if a boy falls in love with a beast?” – the old story in a new manner. Instead of Emma Watson in an upcoming movie “Beauty and the Beast” try to imagine any male actor. In such version we don`t observe any gigantic changes, the idea is the same, but the love story is based on m/m slash.

Let`s try to fancy how you are presenting the Beauty and the Beast wall clock to your kid, but he/she tells you: “Mom/Dad, I want the homosexual version!”.Beauty and the Beast