Batman vinyl record wall clock

Did you see our Batman vinyl record wall clock? It is really cool! We are fans of this hero. And we know some interesting facts about him.

The image of Batman is a compilation of several films and radio productions:

– Сoat was taken from the radio show “The Shadow.” Coat is a symbol of hero’s double life.

– The idea of a respected and wealthy man, who hides behind the mask of the hero, was borrowed  from “Zorro”.

– The suit and image of the main character was  taken from the movie “Bat whispered” 1930.

– Da Vinci’s sketch of a flying device became Batman’s flying device.

Batman vinyl record wall clock


Batman always is 34. He was graduated  from two institutions: Cambridge and the Sorbonne. He worked at the FBI and studied martial arts in China and Japan.

Our Batman vinyl record wall clock demonstrates all this interesting Batman’s sides.

Batman vinyl record wall clock


There are four actors who played Batman. They are: Michael Keaton, Val Kilmer, George Clooney and Christian Bale. They shared  fans for several camps.

Bill Finger is one of the creators of Batman. He took the name ‘’Batman” from Robert Bruce, or Bruce I King of Scotland. It was the man who led the Scottish people for independence against the British in the war.  The surname Finger was borrowed from Anthony “Mad” Wayne. He was general and hero of the American Revolutionary War.

Batman vinyl record wall clock

Batman on vinyl record wall clock looks like he is really live. He is so strong, mysterious, that you cant’t stop watching into him. Batman vinyl record clock is a perfect gift for every Batman’s fans. It is a great decoration in any home.



Batman vinyl record wall clock