1. Let them read what they want!

Our kids are going to read books we do not like, whether it is Spot Goes to Sleep or Captain Underpants and Poopy Diaper Joke ad infinitum. Let them cultivate their taste: Accept that your kids have different reading tastes. Captain Underpants might not be your cup of tea, but your six-year-old will probably think otherwise.


Keep an eye on authors:

If your kid loves a particular author, follow her online to enrich the experience—lots of authors and publishers have terrific sites with games, giveaways, activities and answers to questions about the books. Reading events at local bookstores with a superb author can make even the most reluctant reader take notice. Or encourage your child to write a fan letter to an author they’ve enjoyed. You never know, they may write back!Offer books like candy

Have them around the house. Keep one in your bag. If your child is whiny or dragging on your leg, pull out a book. It won’t always be what they want, but any distraction helps

Read together!

Bring a book: Next time you’re riding the bus or subway together or sitting in the doctor’s waiting room, pull out a book to read with your kid. It’s a more interactive and sociable way to pass the time than letting her play on an iPad while you check your phone.

Mother is reading book with her daughter, indoor shoot

Read your own books in front of them

Above all, you’ve got to build a culture of literacy in your home. Telling them, “Reading is important!” is virtually meaningless, if you never sit down in front of them and eagerly tuck into your own book. If all they see is you collapsing in front of the TV or eagerly sneaking off to your computer or phone when you are tired or waiting for something, they will learn that this is how one spends the invaluable minutes of one’s life.

So, if you want to get kids to read, here’s the big secret: Take a few minutes, sit down and read a book yourself.

Use his favorite toys while reading: this will make the process interesting even for the most little ones

Happy kid reading books and dreaming

And the last thing, you have to remember: they are still kids so make a game of it: Send kids on a treasure hunt, the treasure being a book. Leave clues that lead them around the house to discover it in an unexpected place. If you’re really into it, the clues can be related to the story (Clue: Knuffle Bunny was lost in one of these…. Answer: Washing Machine). The magic of discovering a book at the end of the hunt will show your kids how valuable they can be. Use their favorite toys while reading.

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